We promote manufacturers and provides technical sales support to customers who are interested in their products.

But beyond that, what can we offer as additional services ?
How can we facilitate customer supply ?
Can we provide tailor-made responses based on customer profiles ?

This is what we believe and to better meet the needs of all customer profiles, we offer several supply models and also additional services in design and industrialization.
And last but not least, for manufacturers looking for a partner to develop their business and implement their commercial strategy,
I.C.Rep will bring all its experience, networks and field knowledge.

I.C.Rep’s founders

With an electronic engineer training, Philippe has covered key positions in the sale of electronic components (FAE, Product Manager, Key Account Manager), which allows him to be very efficient for his clients.

At the origin of I.C.Rep, he is responsible for its management and relations with the manufacturers in addition to being responsible for its accounts.

An engineer by training, Didier began his career in the development of electronic systems before moving into commerce by becoming a buyer of electronic components and computer equipment.

Then he joined the world of sales processes: distribution, semiconductor manufacturers, creation of local sales office.
At the origin of I.C.Rep, account manager, he ensures good customer / supplier relations.


Semiconductors, Microelectronics. (Hardware et Software) Personal computing and networks. In-depth knowledge of markets and players: Telecoms, Datacom, SSII & VAR, Consumer Electronics, Multimedia, Industrial, Automation (M2M), Automotive and Defense. Identification of customer needs.
Right implementation and management of technical and sales resources to meet the targets. Analyzes and strategies. Product development and source of proposals. Multicultural environment.