Xingtera, manufacturer leader in wired communication, wired IoT & Power-Line Communication (PLC).

Created in 2010, XINGTERA manufacturer based in the USA and in Shanghai, offers a complete portfolio of wired communications including and HD-PLC solutions.

XINGTERA concentrates its investments in the three major markets:

Smart-Homes, Smart-Cities and the Internet-of-Things (IoT)


Why Xingtera manufacturer ?

Since its inception, XINGTERA has been developing integrated circuits, OEM modules and on-the-shelf products based on and HD-PLC standards that can be found in many applications. Power-Line Communication, Ethernet over Coaxial, Ethernet over twisted pair, Video surveillance network, Intelligent network on power line, Industrial connectivity, etc.

XINGTERA also plays a very important role in the creation of wired IoT solutions and applications.

Its innovative technologies have been deployed in many projects such as smart cities, CCTV cameras, smart payment systems, smart parking solutions, interconnection in trains, underwater robots, etc.

In 2018, XINGTERA manufacturer launched “Xingtrium” : a platform of flexible solutions for the “Smart-City »

XINGTERA recommends the integrated + WiFi solution as network for the “Smart-Home”.

Xingtera is certified ISO 9001.


I.C.Rep represents and distributes Xingtera in France and more generally in Europe.
We can also cover EMEA.


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